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Computer Repairs

Our team of Computer Engineer are expect in fixing a dead board that other engineers has rejected. With over 10 years experience in the Laptop Repair market, Jwitlon and Company is a Nigeria leading experts in this ever growing industry. The company represents all the leading manufacturers in laptop repairs. With this vast portfolio at our disposal we offer an unrivalled service in consultation, repairs and after service. In short Jwitlon and Company believes to have the technical knowledge most experienced engineers and experienced customer focused team in the Nigeria today.

laptop repair

We believe in repair efficiency, the laptop and desktop repair industries have experience quite a lot of problem in the last few year ranging from parts availabilty and technical know how to fix different products. Sadly many customers have been disapointed by many companies and service centres. In this basis we come in as a bridge between the manufacturer and you, we have small versions of the industrial machines that manufacture the boards of laptops/notebooks/desktop and other circuit peripherals, with this we are able to change unchangable parts that makes you buy another mainboard, putting us as number one in the industry.

laptop repair

Bring your broken laptop screen,power issue,board issue etc. for repair at our office at an offordable price.

Contact us @ or call 08064095598.